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The new service from
Dog Walking Services by Darren Larkin

Walk+ is the off-leash fun for dog's in a safe & secure enclosed field with sun shelters, paddling pools and access to fresh drinking water and shower facilities for summer day walks and activities.

There is also access to on-lead walks around a beautiful country estate
(with owner's permission) all to give you peace of mind when booking a
slot with me.

What are the advantages of Walk+

  • Unloading and loading of dogs in a fully secure field.

  • The dogs choose their own pace whether its walking or doodling around the field.

  • The dogs choose their own socialisation groups and bond with who they wish to be with.

  • No more on-leash walking (within a controlled environment).

  • The dog's are free to mix and play safely together.

  • The walker can interact in game play like frisbee, ball throwing and agility.

  • Freedom to smell and enhance the dogs’ natural instinct to run free and investigate their surroundings.

  • Secure Dog Fields do one thing really well – they prevent dogs from running off (where they have poor recall) and could become a danger to livestock, individuals and/or themselves.

  • Opportunity for a shy dog to build confidence and interact with the group knowing there is no risk of interruptions or distractions from the outside.

  • Access to shaded areas.

  • No more dirty rivers to swim in, fresh clean water in paddling pools to play in for that "chill-time".

  • Access to fresh drinking water.

  • Shower facilities for the dog's.

  • On-lead walks available around a beautiful country estate to smell and enhance their walking experience.


This model allows the dogs to be both physically and mentally stimulated

in the heart of the Kent countryside on a private estate.

Get in Touch


Contact me for more information and to get your dog booked in for a slot.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have to help you decide on Walk+

Call 07799 543484 to get in touch.

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