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Home Pet Sitting

​All breeds welcomed 🐕

Fully Insured

DBS checked

HMRC registered 🇬🇧


Free of Charge

Home Pet Sitting

£60 per day

includes walks (for dogs)

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Having a furry friend can be a wholesome experience. However, having a pet also comes with responsibilities. Especially when you might have to leave them alone at home. Hiring a home pet sitter can be quite helpful in such situations.

At Dog Walking Services, I offer home pet-sitting services in Tonbridge and surrounding areas. As an experienced pet sitter, I can deal with pets of different breeds and age-groups. I can give your pet the comfort they require while keeping them happy and secure.

My pet-sitting approach adapts to their daily routines in their own familiar environments for utmost comfort. As a part of my house pet-sitting services, I strictly adhere to instructions, including any care directives for sick animals. From walking your dogs to feeding your cats, I offer a wide range of services suitable for all pets. Contact me today for more information.


Dog Sitting Services

Separation from your dog hurts your furry friend just as much as it hurts you. Leaving your dogs in their comfortable setting and with their regular routines cared for by a pet sitter at home is the nicest arrangement you can make for them while you're away. So, for that weekend break or an overnight stay at friends, finding them a caring dog sitter who can give them real time, care, and attention as well as their walks is essential.

  • Better for Owners

Dog owners get real peace of mind knowing their dogs (and home) are cared for while they’re away.

  • Better for Dogs

With dog sitting, dogs stay happy at home with a caring sitter who can give them loving care and companionship.

  • Better for Sitters

Dog sitters exchange their time, care and expertise for interesting homestays and unique travel experiences.

  • Travel with peace of mind

Enjoy your weekend break knowing your dogs are happy at home with a sitter who can give them real time, care and attention.

I've been dealing with dogs professionally since 2018, and I can assure you that I'll be able to offer your dog the comfort and love they deserve in your absence.

I also have extensive experience dealing with dogs of all breeds. Contact me today to book an appointment.



Dog Walking Services by Darren Larkin charges only £60 per day of stay (which includes walks for dogs) and have complete insurance coverage. Prices may vary depending on the duration and other factors.

To learn more, reach out to me today.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with me today to learn more about my dog and pet sitting services offered in Tonbridge and other neighbouring areas. I'd be pleased to address any concerns you might have about hiring a dog or pet sitter and answer your questions.


To contact, call me on 07799 543484.

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