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Having a pet can be a wholesome experience. However, having a pet also comes with responsibilities. Especially when you might have to leave them. My at home pet sitting service can be quite helpful in such situations.

I offer pet-sitting services in Tonbridge and surrounding areas. As an experienced pet sitter, I can deal with pets of different breeds and age-groups. I can give your pet the comfort they require while keeping them happy and secure.

My pet-sitting approach adapts to their daily routines in their own home. I cater for any special requests and requirements, from medications to favourite treats. From walking your dogs to feeding your cats, I offer a wide range of services suitable for all pets.

Leaving your dogs in their comfortable setting and with a regular routine is the best arrangement you can make for them while you’re away. So, for that needed break or an overnight stay, finding them a caring dog sitter who can give them real time, care, and attention as well as their exercise is essential.

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Better for Owners

Pet owners get real peace of mind knowing their pets (and home) are cared for while they’re away.

Better for Pets

With pet sitting, pets stay happy at home with a caring sitter who can give them loving care and companionship.

Better for Sitters

Pet sitters exchange their time, care and expertise for interesting homestays and unique travel experiences.

Peace of mind

Be safe in the knowledge knowing your pets are happy at home with a sitter who can give them real time, care and attention.

My Pricing

Dog Walking Services by Darren Larkin charges only £60 per day of stay (which includes exercise for dogs) and have complete insurance coverage. Prices may vary depending on the duration and other factors.



Per day


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Don’t be alarmed, this is just here to fill up space.

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What People Say

Great service! Would recommend Darren to anyone looking for dog walking service

Liz Harwood-Bridgen

Darren is friendly, professional and amazing with our boisterous cockapoo. He’s always on time and keeps us updated on any changes. I’m able to work knowing that our dog is happy and well looked after in his care.


Professional. Responsible. Flexible. Always has a smile. Obviously loves the happiness that he brings to the dogs when they are collected, taken to a large field and encouraged to socialise with other dogs that have also been vetted in and amongst all manner of dog toys and paddling pools. First Class.


Darren’s love for dogs is plain to see. Our dog Mylo was nervous in the beginning, but now it’s non stop tail wagging. Darren provides a great and professional service, keeps you updated with photos which is a nice touch. I would recommend him, and your dog will thank you

Andy Allan